Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Verlander For MVP: Good?

I think I'm supposed to be up in arms over the fact that Pretzels didn't win the AL MVP. You know me. I'm not. Granted, I think I would have been ok with Pretzels winning, but I am not willing to make a moving, heart-warming case over why Verlander just didn't measure up.

I am in the camp of rabid baseball fanatics that believe pitchers shouldn't be eligible for MVP awards. While the rest of the team is on the field day after day, a pitcher works once a week. How can he be most valuable? I don't see it. It is INSANELY important to point out that my philosophy on this particular topic is a disgruntled reaction to the great MVP Disaster of 1999. Look it up. No pitcher since then has even come close to being worthy. Why is Verlander more worthy than Pedro? WHY?! GAHH!

It's fine. Verlander apparently is now made of gold and can do no wrong. He can take home as much hardware as his little heart desires. Too bad the Tigers didn't make the World Series. I'm pretty sure I was rooting for them at some point. I don't remember. That was a really long time ago.

I don't think there's anything else that I need to update you kind people on. Theo stole our perspective manager, but the last laugh will be on him when he starts waving in batters during someone else's at bat. Those poor little Cubs don't know what's in store for them. So many outs at home. So. Many. Outs. No, I'm NOT bitter.

It's not like we still don't have a manager and our GM has accomplished nothing since putting Lackey on the shelf. Can we get some things crossed off that to-do list, Keebs? It's winter. I'm cold. I need the Hot Stove to keep me warm. What the hell are you waiting for?


sportsattitudes said...

So much fun debating the MVP each season, especially when a pitcher is involved. Funny how great pitchers are so desired yet so unwelcome when it comes to being "valuable." The word is vague and deliberately so...so we can all enjoy the debate to follow. As long as the Sox hire someone NOT named Bobby Valentine, they'll be on their way back. Happy Thanksgiving!

toosoxy said...

I think this MVP nonsense is a conspiracy to distract us from Keebler's ineffectiveness. It's November. We're not supposed to know you're ineffective yet! Why are we so smart, Jup? It's a curse, really. We'd be sooooo much happier if we weren't so smart. Blissful in our ignorance, maybe. You know. Like those people who think Jeter's still relevant.