Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Red Sox Nation: Go Watch Some DVDs

Here's a sure way to put a smile on your face this morning.... plop your well-worn copy of Faith Rewarded (or Four Days In October... or hell, just the 2004 ALCS), watch that video until the very end of game 7, then pause the DVD. Let yourself get lost in that feeling. You remember it. The joy, the numbness, the excitement, the confusion of what had just happened. I know you remember it. Every Red Sox fan alive during October 20th, 2004 remembers it. Soak it in, and let that unadulterated joy completely neutralize all the feelings of frustration from this September. That was where we were seven years ago. Our team had just completed a miracle, and we loved them.

The current team is not the same as that team, and I'm not trying to pretend it is. But as horribly as this season ended for us, we still have that. Today, chicken and beer and anonymous sources and voodoo in the dugout isn't allowed to bother you.... because today is one of the worst days in the life of a Yankee fan, and that should be enough to make you smile.

It worked for me. I'm smiling. You deserve to be smiling, too. Happy anniversary, Red Sox Nation! Let's all look forward to more miracles in 2012!


sportsattitudes said...

We in Philly lamented Wednesday evening as it should have been Game One of the World Series in Philly. It was cold, rainy and winning weather. Only one problem, we never made it past those pesky Cardinals. Indeed, perhaps time to revisit 2008 and watch the Rays struggle with our weather.

Jup said...

SA, to be honest, I'm surprised the Cards made it past your Phillies. The best thing to do is focus on highlights... and of course, there's always next year!