Friday, February 11, 2011

Manny D: Mariner

Interesting to find out that a former pirate is now going to be a Mariner. I don't know what Manny's role was when he was a Black Pearl pirate... definitely wasn't admiral. Maybe he was a deck hand... whatever he was, he decided that life on the high seas was fun and exciting (as opposed to life under the sea that the Rays have to offer), and he'll be living on the left coast.

I'm not sorry that MDC isn't a Sox any more. I still wish him well. I'm glad he's getting the opportunity to make it back to the bigs after a pretty disasterous last few years. Sure, it's a minor league contract, but if Manny can right himself, he'll be back up to the show before we know it.

Darnit, now I'm feeling nostalgic for 2007.

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