Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Truck Day!

I am indeed part of the baseball-crazed portion of Red Sox Nation that celebrates Truck Day, the most ridiculous holiday of the year! I'm happy to report that after about 20 ft. of snow (slight exaggeration? Perhaps.) in the last four weeks, we made it to the very first sign of spring. They're loading the truck and they're sending it on to Florida.

What I wouldn't do to be able to go with that truck. Unfortunately, every time I attend a spring training game, they trade or release a player I love, so I have to stay away. I understand that Tek isn't what he used to be, and Theo would happily release him if he had a better option at catcher.

Winter, that raging hormonal witch, is finally losing her grip on me. I drove to work in the snow this morning, and I was unfazed, because it's truck day! And then Sunday is reporting day! And then next Friday is ANOTHER reporting day! And then.... well, you get the picture. I'm a tad bit excited. Happy truck day, fellow Sox addicts!

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