Thursday, December 9, 2010

So Far Behind: Trying To Keep Up With The Sox

Hey Theo, could you maybe give me a few days to catch up with you? I really do want to keep my blog active, but I have got a lot of other stuff to take care of, seeing as how it's nearly Christmas and no, I don't have any of my shopping done. I haven't even gotten to Adrian Gonzalez yet, and you go ahead and sign Carl Crawford? I mean, good job on your part, but can you give me some time now? Please? Thanks.

I've had quite a bit to write about in the last week, but I haven't had the time, so now I'm going to write about Adrian and Carl in the same post. Look at that, I'm being efficient!

My initial reaction to the Gonzalez trade was, "Oh no. For who?" I may have mentioned once or twice before that like every baseball fan in the known universe (and probably in the unknown ones as well), I have favorite players. There are some itty bitty baby Sox that I wouldn't want to part with. Once I found out that none of those specific players were involved, I allowed myself to get excited. Don't get me wrong, I am sad we're going to miss out on watching Casey Kelly develop, but as a few others have mentioned, the pitcher's park out in San Diego may do wonders for him. I completely understand the inclusion of Anthony Rizzo, considering that first base would have been blocked and he would have nowhere to be promoted to. I didn't know much about Fuentes, but I still wish him luck all the same.

My second reaction, upon checking out all the press releases on various websites was that he looks a little like Ernie from the George Lopez Show if Ernie grew some facial hair. I think it's the eyes. Maybe someday I'll do a photo comparison. Not today, though. Today we have more pressing issues.

So, awesome. Theo heads into the winter meetings having acquired a big bat who should do well at Fenway to fill the offensive void left when VMart parted ways, and he managed to get him to agree to a seven year contract extension. He had already acomplished more than some people expected him to this winter, and he wasn't done. Bright and early this morning (re: 5:30 AM), I was (rudely) woken up by this (obnoxious) former coworker of mine who (despite numerous requests for him to not text me before sunrise) let me know that we also inked Carl Crawford to a seven year contract. Just to tally, this week, Theo has commited 14 years and something like $290M. I don't want to hear ANYONE complaining that John Henry's investment in the Liverpool soccer team is affecting the Red Sox.

As thrilled as I am at the big name acquisitions, I worry a little about Crawford and giving him such big years. Correct me if I'm wrong, and I very well may be wrong, but isn't he one of the many players over the years who claims to hate Boston and Boston fans? Also, with him no longer stealing against us, are his SB numbers going to go down? Besides that, as I was watching NESN this morning while getting ready, they pointed out that Crawford is more of a pull hitter than an opposite field guy. Whereas it seems Gonzalez will benefit from the wall, Crawford won't. I'm going to give it a chance and see if the atmosphere and knowing that all those people who had booed him in the past are now cheering for him will do him any good. I hope it does. I also hope the same factors don't freak out Gonzalez. We all know Fenway isn't the easiest place to play, and both are from fan bases that aren't as.... well, crazy, as Boston fans. I mean, Tampa had to give out free tickets to geet people into the stands, and they were in a playoff race. I'm hoping for good things from both players, and I'm excited to see where this team is headed right now.

Is there really anyone who can complain about these signings/trades? And just think, it's only December and Theo has already said that the bullpen is a priority. Let's see what he gets done here. Look at that, I wrote a whole post without insulting our GM once. Well, credit where credit is due and all that. Now.... if only the season would start tomorrow.

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