Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Is Early: Varitek Re-Signs With Sox

Let me tell you, I have had one HELL of a week. At least it was pretty close to hell. So of course, when I woke up this morning and got the news that Tek has agreed to a one-year contract with the Sox, well, I was thrilled. I needed that news like you wouldn't believe. Really, it was all I wanted for Christmas and now that I've gotten it, I'm happy.

I am aware that there are still some huge holes that need to be filled and even more question marks that need to be answered, but I'm content. I'll say this now (and I'll probably contradict myself a million and a half times throughout the course of next season), but I don't care if the Sox don't make the playoffs as long as Tek and Wakey get to retire in Boston. Getting to the playoffs would be a bonus for me, but I can't help think, especially this upcoming season, is going to be far more about sentimentality for me. I know. Sentimentality is a theme I refer back to often because I am very sentimental about the players. I love winning, but I think I may love our guys more than just winning. Even when they're having rough stretches, I appreciate them because they provide me with hours and hours of entertainment and endless sports banter with friends. There are few players in all of baseball that I have bantered about more than Tek, but that may be more a product of his longevity on the team than anything else. Either way, I'm promised one more season with my Captain (periodically) behind the plate, and that makes me happy.

Other things that would make me happy include reliable bullpen pitching, strong seasons from our starting rotation, a healthy combination of Pedroia, Youk, and even Ellsbury, Josh Beckett getting on a Pedroia-like diet plan this winter, and spring training. Man, I miss baseball. I can't wait until our pitchers and catchers (including Varitek!) report to the Fort!

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