Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ramon Ramirez: He who replaces Grumpy?

It is true? Rumors have started up this morning that Ramon Ramirez of the Kansas City Royals was traded to the Red Sox for Coco "Grumpy" Crisp... you know the guy. The one who threw punches at James Shields this year? The one we replaced in the ALCS last year only to replace his replacement with in the ALCS this year?

The guy we got from the Indians a few years back because he had a cool name and tended to know how to get on base? Yeah, him! He's gone.

A part of me is sort of sad, because I gave Coco HELL during his time with this team, and it was fun. I didn't hate him, I just felt very disappointed at everything he did. Cocoby Crispbury is no more. Heck, I can't even use Jacoco Crispbury any more.

So he was possibly traded to Kansas City... wow, he must have pissed someone off. Don't they already have a pretty full outfield? Regardless, Theo is making this team very boring. No Manny, no Schilling, no Dougie, no Ducky, now no Coco? Jeez, could we get a little personality here?

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