Monday, November 24, 2008

Jason Varitek: Worth More than A Year?

Possibly. But not if the Red Sox get their way. They've offered Tek a one-year contract worth substantially less than the yearly salary of his Yankee counterpart, Jorge Posada. Personally, I think they could have tossed in another year, just for the hell of it. And we KNOW they've got money to spare (hell, ticket prices are high enough) so that they don't have to be stingy. Look at how much money they threw at Drew and Lugo. They've got the money. I don't think they really want him back at all, otherwise they wouldn't have made such a crappy offer.

I just don't know if I could live in a world where Kevin Cash was my every day catcher. I don't think it's possible for me to do that.

The Red Sox have also made an offer to Japanese rookie Junichi Tazwa reported to be worth somewhere around 6 million. They've got 6 million to blow on an unsigned Japanese rookie, but for a veteran Captain... jeez. These Sox.

I know! Ok, I know that I'm beyond biased when it comes to Varitek. He is why I watch. He made me love this sport. And I don't want to have to miss him the way I miss Trot and Dougie just quite yet. Yes, I miss Ducky and others immensely. At least Ducky I can see regularly, and I can hop down to Baltimore basically whenever I feel like to catch a game. And he is there, and I adore him. But Varitek, if he goes, will not go to an AL East team. I don't think anyone around here has any use for him. MAYBE NL east, but even that's a hopeless prayer.

No, Varitek can't go anywhere. He needs to stay in Boston.

In other news, it is entirely possible that Julio Lugo will be gone by the end of the off-season. Yay! No offense to Lowrider or anything, but Orlando Cabrera's available, isn't he?

Or Gonzo... but he's hurt. We can take him anyway. Oh, Gonzo....

Ok, I'm done until something new happens.

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