Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh Johnny: Really?

Is everyone on the Red Sox pitching staff determined to leave a bad taste in the fans' mouths? We won't be seeing Beckett or Lester again this season, and those are the pitching performances they leave us with? Ok, I expected it from Beckett, but Johnny couldn't pull one more magically good game out of himself to keep his damn near perfect September record intact? He just couldn't will himself to not suck long enough to not get swept by the White Sox? WHY?

I can't get too worked up about it, though. I'm not going into the last three games of the baseball season angry. It seems like just yesterday I was counting the minutes to opening night, and now it's coming to an end. I may be a little disappointed with how it's going to end, but like I said before, I'm incredibly proud of this team. With 19 official trips to the disabled list, they're still in a position to win 90 games. We got to see a sparkling display of the talent in our minor leagues, and that HAS to make you feel good about the future of the team. But I'm not ready to talk about the season being over yet, and instead of focusing on the fact that we're not going to the postseason, I'm going to focus all of my love and energy into cheering for Mikey, Tek, and Papi, three players that I have tremendous love for, who may just be playing their last games in Red Sox uniforms this weekend.

Mikey will, hopefully, get a standing ovation for every single at-bat this weekend. Does hoping for this make me a little ridiculous? Sure. I've never cared about being ridiculous. From my seat somewhere along the last row of the bleachers, I'll be standing for every single AB, and cheering as loud as my lung will allow for both Tek and Papi. And who knows? Maybe Dice will surprise me! Maybe he'll have the best game of his career.

I'm very much looking forward to this weekend's games, because once they're over, it's over. I'll follow the playoffs, sure, but I don't really care. Once my team is out, I'm out. I'll be rooting for Minnesota though. Just for the hell of it.

Go Twins!

And go Red Sox! Let's make the Yankees limp into the postseason.

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