Monday, December 21, 2009

Mikey Awesome: Ours. For Now.

Have I really become so irrational and... well... insane, that I was THRILLED when I found out Mikey needed thumb surgery? When did I become Annie Wilkes, hoping to keep poor Michael incapacitated so he can't leave me, er, the Sox. I don't want him leaving the Sox. That would be Misery.

Did you see what I did there? I referenced a movie plot and then finished it up by saying the name of the movie slyly so you wouldn't know what I was doing. Then, of course, I ruined it all by telling you all about it. But, I'm wondering if my love for Mikey has taken a turn for the weird and inappropriate. I found out that Mike needs thumb surgery and I literally squee'd for joy, because this means that I get to claim he is a part of my favorite team for that much longer. I don't delude myself into thinking that they won't try to move him again, because I know they will, but I don't want Mikey to go. Not before Christmas. Not like this.

Just like when I wanted Jason Varitek back simply for the fact that I wanted him, knowing full well that he would be detrimental to the team, I want Mikey. Actually, Mikey being detrimental is far less a certainty than Tek was. I believe that Mike could be an asset, especially if there is no bounce back for Papi (which, really... is anyone REALLY expecting? Curious!). I don't know. I desperately miss baseball. Football is not enough for me. No, I need the excitement of every day, knowing there's a game. The off season is painful and slow. And cold. Have I mentioned that it's cold? Yeah, not a big fan of this.

I've been counting down to opening day for a while now. Can't wait, especially now since there's that much more of a chance that Mikey will be there for it. I love that man.

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