Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oakland: Reddickulous

I dislike this. I dislike this tremendously. While I have few qualms about Andrew Bailey, I have tremendous problems with trading Josh Reddick to get him. Seriously. I love Josh Reddick. I honestly thought that he would be in right field this season, and he still might be! Only in Oakland.

Keebler thus far has been making.... interesting... moves. They really aren't the type of moves that I can get excited about or think, 'hm, I've always kind of liked that player. I wonder how they will fit in with the team.' Instead, I feel like it's a bunch of moments of, 'who the hell is that guy?,' or 'he traded FOR a former Yankee?!,' or 'no, really, who the hell is that guy?' I'm not saying that we need to sign Prince Fielder, but it would actually be nice to get a piece that I'm happy about. Maybe Andrew Bailey will be that piece, but his appearances will always be bittersweet because I will be stuck with thinking about poor Josh Reddick in Oakland.

I wish you the best of luck, Josh. I'm glad I was able to be in attendance for a good handful of your best games as a member of the Sox. Enjoy Oakland but know that I now have to root against you every time you come back to town.


Anonymous said...

i think he will be back again. it will be like what happened in "the brave little toaster." exactly.

Anonymous said...

Love the headline on the post. My rant is regarding the A's franchise. While Boston has become an adopted AL team of mine, Oakland is the AL franchise I grew up with along with the hometown Phils. They can't get a new stadium so they might as well move on elsewhere. So frustrating to see the A's take up space each season when they were a dynasty in the 70's and had good success in the 90's also. Poor Josh Reddick indeed. I think Bailey is a decent pitcher, but Oakland ain't Boston either. A great New Year to you, yours and your other readers!