Saturday, January 31, 2009

Trot Deserves Better: Minor League Deal for the Dirt Dog

I just saw on a scroll at the bottom on MLB Network that Trot Nixon has signed a minor league contract with the Brewers. Now, it's not fancy or glamorous, but it's better than nothing.

I miss Trot. Trot was just... I don't know, so wonderful while he was here. He played hard every day, and you just knew he loved the game. I still can't delete Trot's final game. A rain-shortened game versus the Orioles. It stays on my DVR and I watch it when I get nostalgic. I wish that he could break back into the majors and have a starting role with a major league team again. I just want him to be successful again. It hurts me to see him suffering through minor league obscurity. At least he knows he'll always be loved and cherished in one town...

Eric Hinske is a Pirate. No, he didn't become a relief pitcher and join our bullpen, he's a member of the Pirates.

Bobby Kielty signed a deal somewhere. I missed where. I just heard he did. I enjoyed Bobby Kielty, I wish him luck. I'm also a terrible reporter since I just don't feel like doing the research right now.

I do wonder whatever happened to Mark Bellhorn. I guess I'm just feeling nostalgic for the '04 team, and Red Sox baseball in general.

I like the MLB network and all, but I just don't feel that connected to the 2005 NLCS. All I've seen on this network so far is David Eckstein. He's on every show! Does he own part of the network or something?

Anyway, good luck Little Tek. I'll be keeping track of you this season, and hoping to see you in the bigs again

Friday, January 30, 2009

Jason Varitek: The Captain Gives Me Aneurysms

He is back. For a whole year, with a team or player option for 2010.

I'll tell ya, the obsessively-in-love part of my brain is rejoicing and my world seems happy once again. The captain has returned, and he will once again lead us. I don't know where we will go, but he will lead us.

The other side of my brain, the logical baseball reasoning portion of my brain wonders if this is a good idea at all. A 37 year old catcher who batted .220 last season and couldn't get a hit with runners in scoring position to save his life? Do we really need that?

Of course, the obsessive part beats the logical part into submission, and I am a happy girl once again.

Welcome back Captain Varitek! Even if you did lose a ton of respect that fans once had for you over the course of these negotiations, I am so happy to know that your last at-bat as Sox captain wasn't a strikeout (yet).... Joy abounds, folks. The Tek saga is over.

Please returned to your regularly scheduled sadness over the lack of real baseball. Thank you

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Mayor Resigns From Office

He is more formally known as Sean Casey, but the man known as the Mayor is retiring from baseball. The friendliest, nicest human being on the face of the planet (according to assorted MLB player polls) is leaving the world of baseball to get a job in the world of baseball programming. Since I found that I do, in fact, get MLB network at home, I guess I'll be seeing Sean from time to time. I wish him well. He has one of those personalities that just screams TV. Who doesn't want to see Frankie's smiling face? Come on now. I really need to find a baseball holder for the ball Casey signed for me. It seems like just yesterday that we were welcoming him into Boston. My only regret is that we couldn't win that ring for him. So good luck, Sean. We'll be seeing you.

Please take the contract, Jason! Just say yes, sign your name and put your Sox jersey back on. Don't be stupid. No one else wants you, and we LOVE you here despite your deficiencies. Sign the damn contract! And do it fast!

So with all the respect I've always had for Joe Torre, the news of his new book is kind of cool. I'll be looking forward to picking it up. And no, I don't expect it to be full of cheap shots and insults. Joe has always seemed like a nice guy, even in pinstripes. I doubt he'll stoop all the way down to that level.

Come on, baseball season. Come back to me. I miss you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rocco Baldellli: Red Sox Fan Favorite

It's true. The guy hasn't even suited up for one game with us yet, and everybody loves him. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that people loved him before he signed with us. I'm no different. Rocco won me over, and I'm excited to see what he'll do for us.

But what he did for the Rays fans, who theoretically didn't really exist before last season, was ridiculous. It was ridiculous in the sense that it comes off as so perfectly genuine that I cannot believe there could be a baseball fan anywhere on Earth who doesn't like Rocco. Seriously, how much more humble and classy can this guy get? A hand-written note? It brings a little tear to my eye. He hasn't played a single game for us yet, but I can almost guarantee that the results of his gameplay won't matter. People are just going to like him.

Oh Jason... don't you think it would be a wise move on your part to... I don't know... shut up? Don't take this the wrong way. As I continue to state over and over, I adore you. I do. But claiming that you didn't know how that whole draft pick thing works... it doesn't make you look good. Why not blame Satan? He's being paid millions of dollars to look like the bad guy, you might as well let him look like the idiot too.

I think Jason suddenly came to the realization that no one on Earth was going to give him a raise. No one would give him a four year contract. He's an offensive liability with a slimeball agent, and no GM in their right mind was going to give in. 'Tek must have looked up one day and realized that spring training is getting closer and closer and his options were getting smaller and smaller. Does he have any options left besides going back to the Sox? I'm not sure that he does. And as stupid as he's making himself sound, I believe Jason is a smart man. Groveling and pleading is the way to go, Tek, not lying. Lying just makes you look worse. Fess up. Say you believed Satan when he said the market for you was huge. Admit that he promised a giant contract and dollar bills flashed in your eyes. It's almost better to be delusional than idiotic.

When is spring training?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jonathan Patmybum: No longer capable of crying poor

Well... I guess he's capable, but he's not justified. $6 million isn't a small amount of money. If Paps is happy, I'm happy. I'm just assuming he's happy, actually... since I have no actual way of finding out his emotional status.

Writing coherent sentences this morning is apparently not going to happen easily. My sleeping issues are catching up with my brainmeats and causing me to try to write the stupid out. I don't think it's working.

King Theo also avoided arbitration with Javier "I'll let you hit this ball over the wall" Lopez. Yes, I'm aware that he wasn't as horrible last season as I give him credit for, but really now. Lefty specialist... pfft!

So... my beloved Captain had a private talk with Skeletor (AKA John Henry... seriously, the guy is creepy looking)... there's nothing to report, but I think Jason is starting to realize just how little shot he has of getting the $80 million/4 year contract that Satan has been promising him. Of course those numbers are completely random. I have no idea how much Satan thinks he can get for Tek. But I'm sure his numbers are just as unrealistic as mine.

It's no secret I adore Tek (and make excuses for him always swinging at that godforsaken high fastball... Tek! it's over your freaking head, you're not gonna hit it! stop swinging!), but not even I would give Tek more than a year or two right now. I'm starting to think Satan may be taking some bad flu medication. How do you decline arbitration for a 36 year old catcher (who'll be 37 at the start of the season) who's bat speed has been in decline for the last few seasons, and who only hit .220 last year?! How do you do that? What on Earth was he thinking?

We've got less than a month before pitchers and catchers report to spring training (yay!), but I don't share Theo's enthusiasm and optimism for the little baby catchers down in Pawtucket. I just want to know what's going to happen to Tek. His uncertainty makes me uneasy.... far more uneasy that I am seeing him up with the bases loaded.

If he doesn't come back to us, I want him to go SOMEWHERE, and soon! I hate having the possibility lingering, because the longer it lingers, the more painful it's going to be when he signs somewhere else. And I just am not ready for a 'goodbye captain' post yet. I can't do it. Come on, Skeletor, he promises to be a good little catcher, and work really hard! Just one or two more years, and then he can become a coach of some kind!

I already miss Dougie, don't make me miss Tek too.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Youk in Hand: Worth What On The Field?

I am aware that headline made no sense, but it's early and I was woken up abruptly to find out I overslept. So that's what you get.

So the Red Sox give Youk a 4 year, $41.25 million contract. I've taken issue with a lot of things about Youk., but really since he's proven that he can hit in the 2nd half of the season, I've been slightly less critical of him. I like this extension, because there's just no denying that Youk is terrific defensively, and when he's on at the plate, he's scary. So the Cincinatti hillbilly is stuck with us through 2012, with a club option for 2013. How much do you think Munchkin gets on the phone with Youk the minute that he found out about the contract, and is bragging that his contract is worth more years? I'd put money on it.

The White Sox have signed Bartolo Colon to a one-year deal. My initial reaction to this story.... I see the headline 'White Sox sign Colon.' I immediately gasped and blurted out loud 'Not Bartolo!" It's not that I wanted him back or anything. I guess I was just surprised that anyone wanted him. But he's back in Chicago again. I just hope I don't end up seeing him pitch when I head to Chicago in September...

Jonathan Papelbon filed for arbitration. I'm absolutely not surprised. I'm confident that the Red Sox probably offered him a low-ball, hometown discount type deal, knowing that he wouldn't take it. Paps is one of those players that sort of made it clear to me that he's in it more for the payday than for the love of the game. And that's fine. He obviously loves the game and he's good at what he does, but he's not lying to everyone and saying "I love Boston, and will never ever leave them as long as they offer me a fair salary." He came out and said he's looking for the most money. Is he a Boras client? If not, he probably will be someday. So he'll get arbitration this year, and he'll get a raise. Maybe one day Theo can talk him into an extension.

David Aardsma was designated for assignment to make room for Saito on the 40 man roster. Sigh, it's almost always sad when I have to move players from the Sox nickname list to the Former/Non-Sox nickname list... Good luck, David! I'm sure you'll wind up somewhere.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Saito Better Not Pull the Same Crap

So Saito is going to wear number 24, according to Dirt Dogs. It hurts a little. I mean, it hasn't even been a full season since Manny's been gone, so seeing someone else wearing his number has a little sting to it. I just can't be angry at Manny.... despite how he left town, I still love the big lug. Hell, it took them five years to give Nomar's number away. Couldn't we just have had a year or two? Or rather, couldn't I just have had a year or two? I'm still not over it!

In all fairness, I'm still not completely over the Bronson Arroyo trade either, but we're just gonna pretend that's irrelevant.

Charlie Zink is apparently not being shipped off to some foreign team for the good of mankind. He accepted his assignment to Pawtucket, and will continue to be one of those adorable little PawSox (whom I hope to see live at some point this year!)

David Pauley has been designated for assignment. As someone I know likes to say about him... "Pauley? We won't see him again." Actually, that's probably a lie. I'm sure we will see him again, just not on the Red Sox roster. Godspeed, David!

Alex Cora is not coming back. I'm ok with that. He was one of those players that, towards the end, frustrated me more than anything. I think it was time for a change. Good luck on the Mets, Alex. I really do wish you well, because you were such a team player. It only took two years, but Dustin Pedroia finally gets some kind of revenge for everyone wanting Prince to start over him. Actually, I think he got his revenge with the gold glove, silver slugger, AL MVP.... yeah, you get it.

-Congratulations to Jon and Farrah Lester! The two got married recently (how recently, I do not know. I can't even find the link that told me they got married). If it is indeed true, then I hope they have a long, happy life together.
-Lowe is signing with the Braves.
-The Astros are instructing Billy Boy Clemens to stay far, far away from their impressionable youth.
-Now that Rickey Henderson is in the HOF, he wants to play again. And he contends that he could still be the base stealing champ in '09. Please, Theo. Do NOT sign him.
-Gabe Kapler received an $18 raise in his paycheck. The number 18 is apparently Gabe's lucky number, and the Jewish symbol of life. See that, I learn something new every day.

In unrelated news... if I could burn down a virtual waiting room, I would. I am so sick of this stupid virtual waiting room. When April/May/Sept/Oct game tickets went on sale, I was in the virtual waiting room on two different computers and as many browsers as I could open, and calling in on the phone, and I came away with exactly 0 tickets. Zero. Not a single one. I don't do the whole standing room only thing, because I'm not a good seat snatcher, and I don't like standing for that long.

So I do my whole Red Sox Nation thing (I don't want to HEAR how it's a terrible marketing ploy and it makes me a fair weather fan and whathaveyou... I see it as an easy way to get tickets, I like touring Fenway Park whenever I can, and the 10% team store discount gets used frequently by me and my family, so it's worth it). I got my code for my tickets, and I'm plopped into the virtual waiting room. I wanted to rip my hair out. There is no need for a virtual waiting room, and I see absolutely nothing useful about the fact that if I got to the waiting room at 12 PM (the on sale time), someone who got to the waiting room a half an hour later could still get tickets before me. Hell, people who get to the waiting room five hours later could still get tickets before me. There's no justice in this system. I finally got my tickets a little while ago, but I couldn't get the game I wanted. I guess it's ok. I'm gambling on the fact that John Smoltz will be pitching the Friday night game against the Braves. I lucked out the year Pedro came back with the Mets... could the luck happen again? I'll have to wait and see.

In comparison, I got my presale tickets for Camden Yards this morning, as has become an annual tradition for me. I'm sitting in the same general area that I always sit (I really enjoy section 210). I know there were probably tons of Sox fans gearing to buy tickets for this particular weekend, because how can you really beat a weekend series at Camden Yards? It was fabulous. I clicked the link, I picked my tickets, and I was done. No stupid waiting rooms. No random drawings out of stupid waiting rooms. None of that. Just click, buy, done.

It brings me to the conclusion that the front office needlessly tortures their fans. It really gets under my skin.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gabe Kapler: Another One for the Bad Guys

No matter how long they are known as the Rays, the Devil will always be implied.

Gabe Kapler apparently couldn't find a better market for himself, so he settled for signing a one-one contract. Maybe he sees the Rays as a perennial contender, what with their young pitching and manager with Weezer glasses. I don't know. I'm happy that Gabe has a job, and happier that we'll be seeing him many times over the course of the season. I'm just not happy that he's playing for them. Them. The (Devil) Rays.

Is this the Rays' retribution against us for having signed Rocco Baldelli? They want to steal one of our own? One of the 25?! It's not right. Sigh. Not like I'll hold it against Gabe or anything. How could I ever stay mad at him? It's not like he signed with the Yankees.

In other news:
-Mike Sciocia signed a ten year extension with the Angels.
-the Grand Jury is looking into a perjury case against good old Billy Boy Clemens. Honestly, I like seeing Roger embarassed as much as anyone else, but let's stop wasting all this goddamned money on him. We all know he lied. We also all know he'll never see the inside of a jail cell, so what's the point? He can't possibly be embarrased any further. He's about as low as anyone can be right now.
-The Brewers avoided arbitration with J.J. Hardy by inking him to a one-year $4.6 million deal. J.J. Hardy is one of those guys I really wish Theo would pick up. He's not the absolute best short stop in the world, but still. Better than POS.
-According to the Globe, the Sox are intending to approach Kazerud about a contract extention. I don't know what Theo would want with him. He's not old or injured...

Glad that the Hot Stove is finally warm instead of cold...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Congratulations Jim Rice!

As a baseball player, I knew nothing about you. As an announcer, you sort of confuse me sometimes. As a wearer of ties, no one even comes close to comparing.

Regardless of all that, you were finally elected into the baseball Hall of Fame, to be enshrined in Cooperstown with the greatest of the greats.

Many say you didn't deserve this. Many more saying that it's far past due. None of that matters now. You're in.

Congratulations, Jim.

Rice, Saito, McDaniels: All Integral Parts of this Post

First thing's first... Takashi Saito has agreed to a 1-year deal worth upwards of $1.5 million. We've now brought on just about every free agent who was really good and had a bad year due to injuries last season. I know Saito was really good for the Dodgers a few years back, and if he's healthy, he has the potential to be really good for us. It's going to make for a very interesting spring training. Between all of OUR guys who were injured last year and our new recruits who were injured last year, it's going to be a medical miracle if we can field a team of major leaguers for the exhibition games.

I kid. It won't be a miracle, but spring training is going to contain a lot of players who we need to keep our eyes on. Man, I can't wait for spring training...

Next... As I'm sure everyone in the free world knows by now (whether or not they care about baseball), today is the day that Jim Rice finds out (sort of) once and for all if he has made the HOF. Because of my loyalties to the Sox, I want him to get in. I didn't see a single second of Jim Rice's career. That was before my time, so I can't say for certain whether or not he deserves to be in there. I can look at the numbers, I can read and research all I want, but it's nothing like actually seeing someone play. If he doesn't get in this time, his fate is left up to the veteran's committee, and they're just not really that keen on voting people in. So, good luck Jim. We'll all be finding out your fate soon enough.

Third... Josh McDaniels, of Patriots fame has accepted a job as the coach of the Denver Broncos. Just as putting the team in the (surprisingly capable) hands of Matt Cassel was scary, losing our defensive coordinator is not something I'm looking forward to. Not that I don't wish him luck, because he deserves a shot at coaching. Many people were hoping that he would replace Bill Belichick when the man finally retires, but that's just seemingly too far in the future. Josh shouldn't have to wait around for a better job here in New England when there are opportunities to be had all over the country. I wish him the best of luck, and I hope that his teams never beat us.

Now for some quick little bits:
-Michael Young has requested that the Rangers trade him. I really, REALLY don't like when a player requests a trade. All that says to me is either "I signed here for the most money, not considering what it would be like to actually play here, so now I want to inconvenience the people that pay me by making them find another team willing to pay me" or "I wanted to win a championship, and since I no longer think it's realistic to do that here, I want to be sent somewhere where I can win." Ok - maybe that's not fair. There could be a million reasons why someone might want to be traded, but I just see it as a bailout.
-Neither Manning brother is going to be playing in the SuperBowl this year. This makes me feel better that the Patriots aren't in it. Besides, they irk the hell out of me. Don't worry, I wouldn't be seen walking around with an "I Hate Peyton Manning" shirt. I barely like them enough to mention them in my blog, nevermind having their names written on my body all day. No thanks. Go Ravens!
-The Braves have reached an agreement with Japanese pitcher Kenshin Kawakame. I know nothing about him, except for the fact that he's Japanese and he wanted to pitch in America.

That's it for me for now. I'll update again after the Hall announcement.

Friday, January 9, 2009

In the Not-So-Smiley Section

Apparently, I'm the last to know. I'm ok with being the last to know, but I'm not ok with what I'm knowing.

Charlie Zink has been designated for assignment. (the article is really about Baldelli, but if you look really close in the middle, it mentions that Charlie got the boot)

Now, I KNOW that it had to be done in order to get Rocco a roster spot, and the chances of us needing another knuckleball pitcher this year are incredibly slim. Hell, it doesn't seem like Timmy Wonderpitches is going anywhere fast, so Charlie would basically be sitting around in Pawtucker, wondering if his one shot in the majors would be his only shot in the majors.

His one performace was admittedly not good, but that's the mystery of the knuckleball. He could have come out the next time around and pitched a shut out. He still may, just not with the Red Sox. I wish Charlie the best of luck, and I'm sorry it had to end this way for him. Go kick some ass, Charlie (just not ours)!

Something To Make Me Smile

Was talking with a friend regarding the Yankee's recent Sox-scrap-heap pick up. In case you were not aware, the Yanks signed Jason Johnson to a minor league deal. Yes. Jason Johnson (for the record, I really did like the guy and was so awfully impressed by his crusade to pitch with diabetes... he just wasn't very good and that made me really sad.).

I said that I'm sure Johnson will get called up in mid-April when Burnett breaks his face or other crucial body part. You know it's going to happen... maybe not in April, but it will happen. So Johnson will get his shot.

My friend replied that his father (who is a Yankee's fan) was utterly disappointed with their offseason thus far. He thinks eMpTy sucks, Burnett will be having surgery by June, and Fatass Sabbathia will choke his playoff ERA up into the 10's. He also wishes that Theo would trade Beckett to the Yankees for Burnett.

Obviously, we all know that's not going to happen. Why would we trade Beckett in an odd year. We all know his best years are odd years. 2003? 2007? 2005 wasn't bad. But don't even ask about 2006 or 2008. 2004, I'm not so sure about. In my super-advanced scientific/mathematical equation, logic dictates that Beckett will have somewhere around 80 wins himself this year.* There is absolutely no way (I hope) that Theo does anything to jeopardize what should be a good year for Beckett by trading him to any other team. You don't trade your co-ace (Jon Lester being the other, stronger half of that equation from this past season). I'll willingly rent him to the Yankees in 2010, assuming that his current odd-even year trend continues. If he's good two years in a row, we're keeping him. Who am I kidding, I'd never give him to the Yankees, even as a rental.

*Disclaimer: hyperbole can be fun.

While I can't claim that I'm super thrilled about our moves this off-season, in the past week, Theo's plugged a couple of holes that concerned me (outfielder, infielder...). I'm not worried enough to want to trade one of our players to the Yankees for one of their big names. The Commander is staying put, and Jon Lester (who really deserves a manlier nickname these days) isn't going anywhere either. I believe in these guys. I know what they can do in the playoffs... I also know what a lot of those Yankee players can do in the playoffs, and I'm just not concerned about them right now.

I know I got a tad bit rambly, but I was amused. And if I can possibly share my silly amusement with others, then I will ramble.

Wake Up And Smell the Kotsay

Not to imply that C+ smells badly. I've personally never been in a close enough proximity to him to smell him, nor would I want to.

Rumors have it that we've re-signed Kotsay to a one year 1.5 million dollar deal. I guess it's not technically a rumor, and the Herald was the source that I first saw it reported in.

I remember having absolutely no opinion of Mark in his time with the Braves, A's, Padres, and Marlins. When he came to the Sox, I was ridiculously frustrated with him and cringed whenever I would see him come up to bat. It's not that he wasn't trying, and it mostly wasn't his fault. He was hitting rockets... just at every fielder imaginable. Especially in the playoffs, the guy was just having such bad luck with getting a hit to fall in...

Regardless, it left an impression with me. It's obvious he has talent, but does he have luck? Everyone needs a little luck sometimes, and a good team with unlucky players... I don't know. I hope this move works out for us, since we really did need a utility infielder. I don't even know if we can call him a "utility" infielder. Through his career, he's really only played 1B and OF. I guess that's where Lugo comes in, being expected to play the other infield positions... oh god.

Still hoping to move POS before the season starts...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Smoltz and Baldelli: The Targets of "Sources"

I don't know who these "sources" are, but they are claiming that both John Smoltz and Rocco Baldelli are nearing contract agreements with my beloved BoSox.

Can Baldelli catch? I'm not too sure about that. Kidding aside, if these deals go through, I'll be happy. I not-so-secretly was hoping that John Smoltz would come here. I've had great respect for him throughout his career and would love to see what he could do in Boston. Granted, he would be the sixth starter on a team with fairly good pitching depth (we can always spot start Fetus, or bring up Dahmer, or even Bowden... ). Rumor has is that the Sox are offering him one year, $5.5 million. I feel that's pretty fair for a veteran coming off of shoulder surgery.

As for Baldelli, I liked him in Tampa, even with his limited playing time in the last few years. I don't know much about his mitochondrial disorder, but obviously our GM is confident that it won't be much of a problem.

I do hope these signings work out, because these are two of the guys I kind of hoped we would sign. I guess I'll have to stop picking on Theo for a while if he gets it done.

In other news: Steroid Monkey and his personal steroid trainer are headed back to Oakland.
-JC Romero was suspended 50 games for a positive banned substance test. He denies that he did anything wrong. I actually liked Romero during his time with us, so I'm sort of disappointed on this one...
-Phillies signed Chan Ho Park to a one year deal
-The Brewers, according to "source" are looking to be in line to land Trevor Hoffman. Didn't they already have a closer last year who blew a bunch of saves? What was his name?....
-Carl Pavano signed with the Indians. I think the Indians also signed Kerry Wood a while back. They also got Mark DeRosa from the Cubs. I'm not sure that any of these moves improves them significantly.

Just for the hell of it, I was reading this blog a little while ago. I couldn't tell whether to laugh or shake my head sadly. Specifically this line "It's time for Pettitte to live up to his reputation of being one of the few good, and honest people in sports."

... seriously? This guy is an admitted cheater. Just because he fessed up ONCE HE WAS CAUGHT doesn't make him a good, honest guy. It makes him just like any other player who tried to get ahead the wrong way. What has he done that makes him so good and honest? And why should he care if the Yankees want him to accept their little 10 million dollar offer if he thinks he can get more elsewhere. Loyalty has proven to be a bad move for players. Baseball is a business. Everyone knows that. Pettitte doesn't owe the Yankees anything, and people who think he does are just as delusional as the Steinbrenners.

This blog makes the following points: The Yankees were loyal to Pettitte... except in 2003 when he was looking to re-sign with them. They supported him after he got caught cheating by giving him a few days off. Pettitte can only continue being a good and honest man if he takes a six million dollar pay cut. Andy OWES it to the team (who, as you remember, are loyal to him when it's convenient for them) to take their offer. Incredible. I... I don't even know what else to say about this. I feel sort of sad for the person who wrote it, because it's obvious that he's been brainwashed. NO player owes a team anything after their contract has expired. I don't even like Pettitte and I'm here defending him. This is ridiculous. I'm going to stop now.

That's all for right now. It's still early in the morning. Maybe more will happen towards the afternoon.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dougie: Now Employed outside of girl's softball

I had previously read an article (don't even ask me where, I have no clue) saying that Doug Mirabelli was working as the coach for his daughters' softball team. While that's precious and adorable and whathaveyou, Dougie can do better.

Mr. Sexy Italian Catcher is apparently now living in Traverse City, Michigan with his family. According to this article, he is going to be the manager of the St. Francis Gladiators. Of course I believe the article. Why would the article have any reason to lie to me?

While I know absolutely nothing about the town or the team he's going to be coaching, I am super happy for Dougie, and I wish him nothing but luck.

And perhaps I will find my way to Traverse City at some point in the future....

Theo Epstein: Master of... Thriftiness?

Ok. It's January 6th. Enough with the foolishness, Theo. Stop collecting other teams' garbage and focus, will you?

It's not that I don't think Virgil Vasquez, Dewon Day, Ramon Ramirez, Wes Littleton, Miguel Gonzalez, Junichi Tazawa, Josh Bard, Brad Penny, and Nick Green (along with a plethora of minor league players that probably won't see a major league game all year unless they watch one on TV) can be great impact players.... I mean, I don't think they can be, but that's irrelevant. We have a giant problem named Julio Lugo that needs to be removed. We have one major league ready catcher who actually had a WORSE batting average than Tek last year. Who, exactly, is our fourth outfielder? Does anyone feel comfortable will the bullpen we have? Utility infielder, anyone?

Listen, I know most of these are questions that will be answered in spring training, when baseball season blooms again and everything seems wonderful and new. Great. I still want a catcher. Be it Tek, or Teagarden, or Saltalamacchia.... one way or another, we need someone who can handle our pitchers. Better yet, if Josh Bard is set to be our every day catcher.... who is catching for Wake now that evil, horrible, stupid Kevin Cash is gone? Who? WHO?!

Theo does not make the off-season easy for me. I mean, one day we have meaningful baseball games, and the next day it's over, and nothing remotely interesting happens with the Red Sox for months? I'm dying here, Theo. Planning my different baseball related trips for the year does nothing to quench my thirst. Toss me a catcher, will you? Better yet, toss out our old shortstop! Do SOMETHING.

On a side note, I enjoy that Andy Pettitte turned down the Yankees' offer. I still think it's inevitable that he'll rejoin them, but I enjoy that he turned down their 1-year, $10 million offer. Hell, if they can shell out hundreds and thousands of dollars to a guy with an ERA over 7 in playoff games, why are they lowballing Pettitte? He's helped them win big before, hasn't he? Not the time to get cheap now, Hanky!