Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tim Wakefield: Giving Me A Legitimate Reason To Have To Post

The blog is something that I tend to fall away from easily. I like writing it, but sometimes I'd just rather read what other people write. That is my explanation for why I've ignored some pretty great games by the Red Sox, and wrote absolutely nothing about my trip to Baltimore this past weekend. But, Tim has prompted me to action once again. Maybe the good vibes coming from Mr. Wakefield will keep me motivated for a few days.

Timmy officially passed The Texas Conman on the Sox all-time IP list. That is no small accomplishment, to be sure. Tim has now pitched 2,777 innings as a member of the Red Sox. That's 8,331 outs. Using my magical estimation of roughly 5 pitches per batter, it means Tim's thrown 41,655 pitches as a member of the Sox. I may go back and do some actual research later, but try not to hold your breath for that. Sixteen seasons. Do you know how old I was when Tim joined the Red Sox? Nine. Since then, I've gone on to graduate high school and college, plodded my way almost through a master's degree (only a few months to go before I'm done!), had three different jobs, two different cars, and countless different friends. I've gone from listening to a cassette player, to a CD player, to an iPod. The walls in my room have been painted five times. When Tim started pitching, my TV weighed about 500 pounds (rough estimate), and the picture was grainy. Now it weighs about 20 pounds and we have HD. All these things have changed, and yet Tim stays the same. On he goes, with his 66 mph knuckleball dancing down the lane, and his 70 mph fastball somehow still confusing people.

Sure, there are plenty of stats that don't look so hot on Tim's record, and he's still got a long way to go before he reaches the top of the Sox all-time win list. He's piled up quite a few losses, and he'll never make Cooperstown, but there is no one I would rather see get to the top of that list than Tim Wakefield. He's been a good soldier throughout his career, both on and off the field, and I've got nothing but respect for what he's done.

So his win last night was appropriate. Timmy went 7 1/3rd innings, giving up 2 runs (1 earned), four hits, no walks, and six strikeouts. He lowered his ERA by half a run. Tim was helped out with some two-out RBI's from Youk, Beltre, and Hall. Three runs was all he needed. Granted, the Indians aren't the hottest hitting team in baseball right now, but they're still better than some teams... aren't they? I don't want to get into the offense, really, because it took an error for them to start scoring any runs against a guy who almost got his head taken off a few weeks ago. A guy who's 2-7 with an ERA over five and a flat fastball... yeah, they couldn't hit off of him. It's fine. They gave Tim just enough, when they usually give him nothing. I'll take it.

Sure, all-time IP leader may not be the most impressive title, but I don't care. Congratulations, Tim Wakefield. Here's to sixteen more wins!

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